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United States v. John Phillip Walker Lindh
Criminal No. 02-37-A

This web site has been set up to provide information about this case. By consulting this web site it should be unnecessary to contact the Clerk's Office for information. Under no circumstances are Chambers to be contacted. Documents filed under seal are not available for copying. Proceedings conducted under seal or through telephonic conference will not be accessible to the media or the public.

A view of the complete docket is available by selecting the Docket button. All court orders and memorandum opinions which have not been filed under seal are available on this web site in Portable Document Format (PDF). Pleadings filed by counsel for the defendant and the government are available in electronic format from the parties. To receive copies of pleadings filed by defense counsel, contact Kerry Efigenio at 415-268-7210. To receive copies of pleadings filed by the government, call Sam Dibbley at 703-299-3822. These materials may also be viewed at the Clerk's Office. If copies of transcripts are needed, arrangements must be made by contacting the official court reporter, Michael Rodriguez, at 703-549-9887.

Specific information about public access to the proceedings may be obtained by selecting the Media and General Public buttons.

Due to security concerns, all persons seeking entry to proceedings in this matter must possess photo identification. All persons and belongings are subject to search. Weapons, including but not limited to firearms, knives, letter openers, screw drivers, scissors, mace, and pepper spray, are not permitted in the courthouse.

Cellular phones, pagers, Palm Pilots, cameras, tape recorders, lap top computers, and other electronic devices are not permitted in the courtroom. If such items are brought to the courthouse, entry into the building may be delayed or prohibited.

Because of limited seating, briefcases, large pocket books, backpacks and overcoats are not permitted in the courtroom. Coat racks are available in the corridor. The court is not responsible for lost or damaged personal belongings.