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United States v. John Phillip Walker Lindh
Criminal No. 02-37-A


Approximately seventy (70) seats in Courtroom 900 are designated for members of the general public on a first-come, first-served basis.

The courthouse opens at 8:00am. Those wishing to attend the proceedings in this matter are advised to arrive early. All spectators must be seated fifteen (15) minutes before court is called to order.

Security in and around the courthouse is very strict. Expect to have your person and belongings examined both at the entry to the courthouse and the entry to the courtroom. The following items are not permitted in the courthouse:

  • Firearms, knives, letter openers, screwdrivers, scissors, mace, pepper spray and other potential weapons.
  • Cellular telephones, pagers, Palm Pilots, cameras, tape recorders, lap top computers, and other electronic devices.

Because seating in the courtroom will be tight, large pocket books, briefcases and backpacks should not be brought into the courthouse. Overcoats will not be permitted in the courtroom. Coat racks will be available in the corridor outside the courtroom.

Parking near the courthouse is very limited. The use of public transportation is strongly encouraged. The courthouse is within a few blocks of both the King Street and Eisenhower Avenue Metro stations.